IQCS Awards 2016


The 2016 IQCS Quality Awards were a big success and the quality of applications was amazing!
IQCS have launched the inaugural IQCS Quality Awards in 2015. The awards were designed to recognise the unsung Heroes of Quality – those individuals and member companies who go the extra mile in making quality an integral part of the entire data-collection process.
It’s really a showcase for what is great about the IQCS and we have encouraged all our members to show us how they uphold the core values of IQCS to underpin their data-collection processes.
The awards were judged by current IQCS Chair, Penny Steele and former IQCS Chair, Claire Harris. The judges drew a shortlist from applications for all 4 categories and winners were announced at this year’s AGM in November. The judges decisions is final.
Following the IQCS Award ceremony everyone was invited to stay for drinks and food. The event provided an excellent opportunity to network with fellow IQCS members, speakers, guests and IQCS council members.

IQCS Quality Awards 2016/And the winner is…..


Best Quality Telephone

GfK’s submission describes a challenging and highly sensitive telephone project, interviewing people who had been on long-term sick leave with a variety of physical and mental health conditions and who had taken part in the Government funded Fit for Work initiative some two months before the research approach.

Given the nature of the project and its respondent audience, GfK’s Red Flag quality system was triggered to ensure bespoke guidance and support from their Quality Manager.

Extensive interviewer briefing, coaching and support, together with sensitive and considerate respondent fore-warning and management were key to the project’s success. The required number of interviews was achieved from what is described as a modest amount of sample, and nearly all respondents agreed to be re-interviewed.


Best Quality Field


Ipsos MORI’s submission describes the 6th and latest wave of the Millennium Cohort study. This involved an average of 3.5 hours in each panel household, including extensive and demanding data collection from 14 years olds, where the interviewer’s task included cognitive assessments, health, weight and body fat measurements, saliva sampling, getting them to complete an activity monitor, and collecting other highly sensitive personal data.

This was indeed a challenging audience, and an equally challenging face to face fieldwork task.

Imaginative self-completion tools helped participant cooperation. But three 8 hour days of interviewer training, a buddy programme for those less familiar with the programme, and on-going feedback and guidance to the fieldwork team were also key, resulting in a response rate of 76% and nearly 12,000 household interviews being completed over a 15 month period.

A supporting testimonial from the client describes the study as hugely ambitious, and the exceptional data collected being of the highest quality.


Best Qual

Kudos Research’s submission describes the challenges faced by their Elite Interviewing team when interviewing Health Care Professionals across the globe who specialise in a rare and inherited metabolic condition which is progressive and life threatening

The challenges they faced were not only that a few HCP’s around the world treat this condition but the methodology involved an initial screener, online survey and then the main unstructured interview. On top of this they were pioneering new approaches by allowing participants to access the interviewers screen so enabling them to access prompts and data at any time. Exceptional interviewing skills ensured engaged participants and high response rates
The client praised Kudos for their exceptional quality processes, expertise in the Healthcare Sector and with providing them each time with the best possible data on all projects, even the most challenging

Quality Ambassador

Anne-Marie Greensmith is Kudos’ Head of Quality Assurance.

In addition to her role in ensuring staff are aware of and complying with IQCS, ISO, MRS and ESOMAR requirements, she has developed and provides a questionnaire review and enhancement service. This benefits respondents, interviewers, script writers, DP and clients alike, ensuring research objectives are met with respondent-friendly questionnaires that flow smoothly, logically, knowledgably and professionally.

Clients clearly appreciate and value her skills and contribution and have asked her to run workshops to improve their questionnaire writing. She also educates and advises both UK and international clients to ensure compliant data handling.

Anne-Marie comes across as a true Quality Ambassador – both within Kudos and beyond.