The IQCS held another successful AGM on November 2017, and with around 50 enthusiastic members in attendance, it nicely rounded-off a very successful year for the IQCS!
This was the 31st annual meeting and we have big plans for 2018. Thank you to everyone who supported the IQCS over the years!

The IQCS Quality Awards celebrate the unsung Heroes of Quality in research operations…those individuals and member companies who go the extra mile in making quality an integral part of the entire data-collection process.
The awards are an opportunity for companies to showcase the excellent work that they do in delivering quality data-collection for both internal and external clients.
They embody everything that is great about being a part of the IQCS and highlight the passion and pride our membership have in upholding the core values of IQCS throughout their work.

We have decided in 2017 to introduce awards which focus on the quality champions at the front-line of the data-collection process – our interviewers! In addition, we had an award for Quality Ambassador and another new award for Fieldwork Excellence, combining the Best Quality Telephone and Best Quality Face to Face into a single award.


IQCS Awards 2017 Winners

Award: Fieldwork Excellence – Face to Face or Telephone Award
Winner: Kantar
Title: No project too complex for Kantar; Real insight into participants’ lives

The project ‘Getting by in the UK’ required Kantar’s fieldwork team to recruit users of drop in centres and soup kitchens, asking them to complete self-completion questionnaires, spanning 27 languages. This was clearly a highly vulnerable audience requiring great sensitivity and interviewer assistance when literary issues became apparent.

Clients in attendance for complete shifts, the story of an interviewer coming to the rescue when he found someone suffering the effects of a drug overdose, and the substantial impact this project has had on the interviewing team all add to this submission’s wow factor. A worthy winner.

Award: Interviewer Excellence – Telephone
Winner: Kudos
Title: Kudos Elite Interviewing Team

Kudos’s submission describes how they completed 5,000 25 minute telephone interviews amongst a senior business audience across 60 countries on a global brand study.

Aware that many respondents were would-be clients, and mindful of the challenge of reaching and persuading them to take part, the teams’ approach is described as the telephone equivalent of looking them in the eye and giving them a firm handshake.

The client said it had been a pleasure to work with the Kudos team, and that the project would resonate far and wide within their organisation.

Award: Interviewer Excellence – Field
Winner: Facts International
Title: Heart, Head and HAGIS

When Facts International were conducting this year’s ‘Healthy Ageing in Scotland’ (HAGIS) project, Veronica (Vicky Powell) proved pivotal. Of her own volition, she outlined fieldwork issues and solutions, recommending a number of steps to increase fieldwork achievement while maintaining cost effectiveness; and she quite literally went the extra mile, travelling 600 miles to cover difficult locations.

Vicky’s contribution was noted by the client who said “The success of meeting our final requirement was in no small part down to the assistance of an interviewer called Vicky Powell, whose willingness to use both her vast interviewing experience and her personal knowledge of specific areas in Scotland, proactively helped to push the project forward”.

Award: Quality Ambassador
Winner: Ann- Marie Greensmith, Kudos
Title: Kudos Research’s IQCS Quality Ambassador -Ann-Marie Greensmith

We are delighted to announce the winner of this award for 2 years in a row

Ann-Marie truly demonstrates the qualities the judges were looking for in an IQCS Quality Ambassador in every aspect of her role within Kudos
She has a huge impact on the data collection undertaken and she offers all her clients a unique due diligence process as well as ensuring all staff comply to IQCS/ ISO20252/ MRS AND Esomar standards and guidelines

Nothing goes unchecked and all questionnaires go through her Questionnaire Optimisation Process
She is undoubtedly an asset to both Kudos and it’s clients and this is evident from the fantastic testimonials from 3 main clients