The IQCS Quality Awards celebrate the unsung Heroes of Quality in research operations…those individuals and member companies who go the extra mile in making quality an integral part of the entire data-collection process.
The awards are an opportunity for companies to showcase the excellent work that they do in delivering quality data-collection for both internal and external clients. They embody everything that is great about being a part of the IQCS and highlight the passion and pride our membership have in upholding the core values of IQCS throughout their work.
The awards were judged by current IQCS Chair, Penny Steele and former IQCS Chair, Claire Harris and the awards winners were announced at the IQCS AGM on 15th November 2018.

The awards categories for this year were as follows:

  • IQCS Interviewer Excellence – Telephone
  • IQCS Interviewer Excellence – F2F
  • IQCS Fieldwork Excellence – Face to Face or Telephone
  • IQCS Quality Ambassador
  • Best IQCS Interviewing Training and Development

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    IQCS Awards 2018 Winners


    Fieldwork Excellence – Face to Face or Telephone


    Winner: Ipsos MORI

    Title: Tackling domestic slavery in inner city communities

    Ipsos MORI’s submission describes a highly challenging project for the Home Office, amongst an extremely hard to reach audience and on a highly sensitive topic – domestic slavery amongst Nigerian Diaspora groups.

    An innovative research design and approach was carefully planned for, implemented and monitored. Careful selection of the interviewing team, intensive and bespoke training and the provision of ongoing support mechanisms for both interviewers and participants are among the key standouts, as is the impact the project has had on the client and the agency.

    The client describes the project as “invaluable” and “delivering real world impacts”.

    Interviewer Excellence – Telephone

    Winner: B2B International

    Title: Delighting a client

    B2B International’s Jane Cliffe is a key member of the company’s Win/Loss project team, a research programme for a European provider of neutral co-location data centre services.

    Starting as a telephone interviewer on the project, Jane has developed management processes that have turned what is described as a complex piece of fieldwork into a finely tuned project.

    In addition to interviewing those who did or did not become the customers, Jane regularly liaises with account managers to get details of their sales leads, manages sample, coordinates appointments for foreign language interviewers and ensured GDPR requirements did not adversely affect fieldwork.

    She monitors quality and compliance results across all languages and her own quality scores are said to be among the very best.


    Interviewer Excellence – Face to Face

    Winner: Ipsos MORI

    Title: Olivia Faggi

    Primarily working on the RAJAR (radio audience research) programme, Olivia balances the needs of the survey with those of the participants. Senior colleagues describe how quality shines through all she does, and the peace of mind that her involvement brings, and how she can seamlessly turns a negative into a positive to win the support of reluctant participants. Participants describe a lovely, professional interviewer, adding that they would happily do the survey again.

    Olivia quite literally goes the extra mile to ensure fieldwork is achieved, travelling far and wide when required.

    She proactively organises her work to help meet broader fieldwork requirements, coaches and mentors new interviewers, is involved in the development of new fieldwork methodologies and initiatives and has what is described as great rapport with RAJAR clients.


    Best interviewer training and development

    Winner: B2B International

    Title: Nazia’s story

    Nazia’s story describes an innovative training and development programme. B2B International has developed an inclusive approach designed to meet the needs of different types of learners. A variety of training methods are used to cater for different learning needs.

    B2B’s submission describes how Nazia then benefitted from their Early Detection System, which identified where she needed further support. She was given further training and development sessions that addressed her challenges, and having excelled as an interview, Nazia was then promoted. She says, ‘I am glad that B2B has recognised my skills and offered me the role of supervisor’.

    This innovative and inclusive approach to training and development allows for a wide pool of talent to be discovered and nurtured and is a worthy winner of this award.


    Quality Ambassador

    Winner: Xavier Fonder, Ronin International

    Ronin International’s Quality Manager Xavier Fonder personifies the role of Quality Ambassador, both within the organisation and beyond.
    In addition to his internal quality control activities, he has become a trusted source of knowledge on GDPR and local data collection rules for many clients and the group of which Ronin is a member.
    He also plays a key role in the broader Industry, chairing the BHBIA’s fieldwork forum and as a member of its analysis, ethics and compliance committee.
    The BHBIA’s Executive Officer says: “Xavier is at the forefront of best practice initiatives, as well as being amongst the first to hear about legal and ethical developments that may affect the business”.
    Xavier is clearly a respected and trusted colleague and advisor, promoting the best in quality and standards.

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