BMG Research

BMG Research, a leading provider of social and economic research services to the public sector, is helping a diverse range of organisations meet the challenge of achieving greater public involvement within their communities.

With over 20 years’ experience of working with local authorities, central government, colleges, housing associations, registered social landlords, police and health authorities, BMG has a wealth of experience to share.

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  • Telephone Supervisors: 4
  • Stations with CATI: 130
  • Telephone interviewers: 130
  • CATI system used: Bellview Fusion
  • Face to face interviewers: 120
  • Supervisors: 10
  • CAPI trained: 40
  • Mystery shopping assessors: 10
  • Recruiters: 4
  • First Contact Name: Jonathan Bostock
  • First Contact Title: Managing Director
  • First Contact Number: 1,213,336,006
  • Second Contact Name: Robert Ball
  • Second Contact Title: Marketing & Communication Manager
  • Second Contact Number: 1,213,336,006
  • Third Contact Name: David Lewis
  • Third Contact Title: Operations Director
  • Third Contact Number: 1,213,336,006

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[email protected]

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