GfK Field Interviewing Services

GfK Field provides a face-to-face data collection service within the UK to the GfK group and external clients. GfK Field offers quantitative face-to-face interviewing nationally across a broad spectrum of specialities (both ad hoc and tracking): Consumer, Business, Financial, Media, Automotive, Social & Political, Travel & Leisure, Product Testing and Ad Testing. While the majority of our interviewing is conducted via CAPI, we also conduct “PAPI” surveys in street and in hall.

  • Face to face interviewers: 500
  • Supervisors: 4
  • CAPI trained: 500
  • First Contact Name: Claire Blythe
  • First Contact Title: Operations Director
  • First Contact Number: 2,078,909,508
  • Second Contact Name: Mark McLaughlin
  • Second Contact Title: Head of Interviewer Recruitment and Performance
  • Second Contact Number: 2,078,909,870
  • Third Contact Name: Lucy Beardon
  • Third Contact Title: [email protected]
  • Third Contact Number: 800,151,421

Contact Details

[email protected]

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