Marketing Sciences Ltd

We are a full service company, offering quantitative and qualitative research, with particular expertise in:

-new product development
-market studies
-advertising evaluation
-promotions effectiveness studies
-test market evaluation
-trade research

  • CATI system used: IT (DESAN)
  • Face to face interviewers: 1,000
  • Supervisors: 15
  • Mystery shopping assessors: 2,000
  • First Contact Name: Jane Rudling
  • First Contact Title: Managing Director
  • First Contact Number: 1,962,842,211
  • Second Contact Name: Annabel Sommerville
  • Second Contact Title: Field Manager
  • Second Contact Number: 1,962,842,211
  • Third Contact Name: Becki Howe
  • Third Contact Title: Field Controller
  • Third Contact Number: 1,962,842,211

Contact Details

[email protected]

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