Opinion Research Services

ORS is a specialist applied social research organisation that works mainly for the public sector. Our work is primarily concerned with the following areas of research:

Housing Needs and Market Assessments including gypsy and traveler accommodation assessments and House Condition surveys
Health, including promotion and primary and secondary care
Local government
Emergency Services – especially Fire Service and Police
Tourism and Leisure
We use a wide range of methodologies including personal interview, telephone and postal surveys, and we specialise on both quantitative and qualitative consultation, as shown below. Quantitative social research including, in particular, residents, tenants and user surveys: – Citizens’ Panels – Housing needs and market modelling and assessment – PLACE surveys for local authorities, police and fire & rescue services – BME and Gypsy-Traveller surveys – Healthcare studies – Employee surveys including national cultural audit development

Qualitative research in particular for health, housing, hard to reach social groups, local government and emergency services, and employee surveys, using the following methods: – Focus groups – In depth interviews – Community and Stakeholder Forums

Consultancy & Training – Consultancy and facilitation skills training – Management development programmes to follow up survey findings – Core values – Citizens’ Panel management

  • Telephone Supervisors: 3
  • Stations with CATI: 36
  • Telephone interviewers: 50
  • Face to face interviewers: 100
  • Supervisors: 4
  • CAPI trained: 40
  • Recruiters: 50
  • First Contact Name: Stella Williams
  • First Contact Title: Head of Administration
  • First Contact Number: 1,792,535,309
  • Second Contact Name: Leanne Hurlow
  • Second Contact Title: Fieldwork Manager
  • Second Contact Number: 1,792,535,332

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[email protected]

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