The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most significant change to data protection in the UK and EU since 1995. Designed for the digital age, with strengthened individual rights and greater business accountability, it will impact organisations of all sizes processing personal data.

The new regulation will be enforced in all EU Member States from May 2018 – which is almost certain to be before the UK leaves the EU – meaning that compliance must be a top priority for UK-based businesses.

It’s vital that membership is ready to meet the new obligations and responsibilities that the GDPR will bring, especially in light of potentially high penalties in the enforcement regime.

Dr Michelle Goddard, Director of Policy & Standards, MRS, talked about the impact of GDPR and offered tips on best practice and Jackie Megahey, Director Information Security / Data Protection, GfK, outlined the issues surrounding compliance and its implementation by research agencies.

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TRAINING Interviewers and Supervisors

We have specified clear training guidelines for interviewers, quality control monitors and supervisors in our standards.
All IQCS member companies follow those guidelines and their training processes are being inspected yearly.

Interviewers joining an IQCS member company receive accredited training. Interviewers who have not worked for an IQCS member company for more than a year are invited to be trained again.

If you are interested in working for one of our member companies either as an interviewer or in any other position please feel free to get in touch with them using our directory. Please click on the pic below.


Inform your teams about the MRBA

A number of organisations have said they would be happy to include information about the MRBA (Market Research Benevolent Association) in their training materials and manuals.
The MRBA have therefore produced a short pack comprising three PowerPoint charts, and a single page PDF, both of which explain how the MRBA helps colleagues and former colleagues in need.
The IQCS’ very own Chris Smith is one of the authors of these materials – so they have the IQCS seal of approval!
If you could add this information to your training programmes and manuals, that would help spread the message about the important service the MRBA provides.
And please remember: the MRBA isn’t just for those with a fieldwork background; so please feel free to build this into your all of your organisation’s training materials and staff manuals.
If you would like someone from the MRBA to visit your organisation to talk about their work, they would be happy to do so. Contact details are on both documents.

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Following positive feedback from membership, IQCS are conducting a one day Training the Trainers course which is fun, informative and interactive.


Next training date to be scheduled


IQCS members: £150 for the first delegate; £250 for 2 delegates from the same company

Non- members: £200 for the first delegate; £300 for 2 delegates from the same company
(£50 refundable if a company subsequently becomes an IQCS member)
Please contact Gill Wareing if you are interested in attending the next training event.
Email:; Tel: 07935 057275

Train the Trainer One Day Course

This course had received CPD accreditation, with 6 points being awarded.
Feedback from trainees was very positive throughout:
It was helpful and informative.
The key aspect that I took away from the course was to ensure that I can provide training that is both effective and professional, meeting all the standards required by the industry.
I felt that the course was an effective way of relaying necessary training, also I feel that the opportunity for an exchange of ideas between peers in the profession extremely helpful.
The presenters were excellent, very engaging and opened the floor well to all participants, taking on board their comments and engaging very well.


Course Context

Training Telephone Interviewers effectively to adequately prepare them for the reality of interviewing has become more challenging in recent years:

  • Declining response rates
  • Negative perception of Market Research with participants and prospective interviewers
  • Surveys are longer and more complex
  • Increased pressure to have new interviewers achieving targets quicker
  • Time and cost constraints
  • Who benefitted from this course?

  • New and experienced Trainers of Telephone Interviewers
  • Those involved in designing/contributing to training packages for Telephone Interviewers
  • Aims and objectives

  • To explore ideas on introducing Market Research, the role of the interviewer and the contribution of Market Research
  • To provide ideas on how to train specific aspects of telephone interviewing, e.g. legislation (DPA and MRS), maximising response rates, interviewing hard-to-reach participants, increasing participant engagement
  • To provide innovative ideas for updating training materials
  • To assist Trainers in ensuring that consistent quality is pivotal across all areas of developing Interviewer training packages
  • Learning outcomes

  • Increased appreciation of prospective interviewers’ perception of Market Research/telephone interviewing
  • Confidence in developing tools for Telephone Interviewer training that meet IQCS minimum standards and the needs of the Interviewers and Participants
  • Increased confidence in delivering Telephone Interviewer training
  • The course has been approved by the Company Partner Scheme as one of their training modules and can therefore be added to your MRS training and development plan