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The Interviewer Quality Control Scheme

IQCS is an independently run scheme, managed by a Council of Management representing both market research industry bodies and elected member companies. The IQCS requires members to adhere to a set of benchmark market research industry standards. These cover the recruitment, training and appraisal of fieldwork staff, and the implementation of various administrative and validation procedures to maintain the quality and accuracy of data collected.

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Member Only companies

Member only companies enjoy all the benefits of membership, but are not assessed by the IQCS. Member only companies are ISO20252 registered and audited annually by an independent body such as the MQA.

Full members

Full members enjoy all the benefits of membership and have their fieldwork annually assessed and accredited by our independent inspectors

Member companies are bound by the nature of their agreement to adhere to the benchmark standards of the scheme. The most important and fundamental feature being the requirement for independent audit. This annual verification process ensures compliance to benchmark data-collection standards. IQCS Full Members’ inspections are carried out by our team who has first hand experience of the full range of market research methodologies.

The aim of the Interviewer Quality Control Scheme (IQCS) is to ensure that all member companies operate to the same benchmark standards in respect of interviewer recruitment, training, supervision and respondent/data validation. In order that this objective can be achieved, rules are laid down showing benchmark standards to be followed by all members.

  • face to face interviewing in-home, in street, in central venue, at place of work
  • recruitment of respondents for depth interviews and/or face-to-face or online group discussions
  • telephone interviewing from a telephone centre
  • telephone interviewing from home
  • recruitment to web-assisted/online interviewing
  • recruitment to panels
  • auditors collecting data
  • evaluators conducting mystery shopping/observational research

Member companies are responsible for ensuring all individuals working on a project (or parts of a project) are adhering to the MRS Code of Conduct.
In order to be considered for IQCS accreditation a company must have at least one current full member of the MRS.