IQCS Awards 2020

We are working on a solution for the 2020 awards this year due to the COVID19 situation. We will keep you informed. In the meantime please download application forms and feel free to apply. If we can not celebrate in person we might conduct a large zoom style awards presentation.

The IQCS Quality Awards celebrate the unsung Heroes of Quality in research operations…those individuals and member companies who go the extra mile in making quality an integral part of the entire data-collection process.

They are an opportunity for companies to showcase the excellent work that they do in delivering quality data-collection for both internal and external clients. They embody everything that is great about being a part of the IQCS and highlight the passion and pride our membership have in upholding the core values of IQCS throughout their work.

The awards are judged by current IQCS Chair, Penny Steele and former IQCS Chair, Claire Harris and the awards winners are announced at the IQCS AGM in November.

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And the 2019 Winners are:

IQCS Interviewer Excellence – Telephone

This award celebrates an individual or team in telephone operations who have demonstrated that they go the extra mile in consistently delivering interviewing excellence.

The Winner is:  Kudos Research

The Kudos Health interviewing team excelled beyond the client’s  expectations on an intricate and seminal concept development drive

This year’s award goes to the Kudos Healthcare team of recruiters, moderators and interviewers built and nurtured by Marella Fernandes.

The submission describes how the skills of this multi-disciplined team provided both quantitative and qualitative insights from a hard to reach audience, on a challenging multi-stage research programme.

The client says “Thanks to Marella’s team, we have been able to undertake a raft of insight-gathering projects, both qualitative and quantitative, in an area where previously little research had been undertaken and where actual first hand customer knowledge was hard to access….. This new level of insight has allowed our client to move away from previous rationale based messaging, to more tailored communications based on a deeper understanding of what drives their customers and what their customers actually desire”

Their enthusiasm, endurance, skill and quality shine through, and make the Kudos Healthcare team worthy winners of this award.

IQCS Interviewer Excellence – F2F

This award celebrates an individual or team in fieldwork operations who have demonstrated that they go the extra mile in consistently delivering interviewing excellence.

The Winner is: Jeremy Innes, Ipsos MORI

Jeremy Innes was promoted to the role of Senior Interviewer in 2015, a title earned by his extensive knowledge and skill in complex random probability sampling, and consistently high performance.

He now acts as a mentor and coach to interviewing colleagues, contactable 7 days a week, including in his own time.

Jeremy provides project-related feedback when invited and whenever he identifies the need, giving constructive advice and guidance on both project design and in support of his colleagues, to improve both the interviewing process and data quality.

His field manager says “…he will always go the extra mile both to get good and high quality results, (and) he is well respected by other interviewers as well as field management and research staff, extending up to the end client”

An Ipsos MORI research director describes him as.”my go to interviewer if I ever need any insight from the doorstop such as whether there any issues with survey questions, views on changes to survey approach, or any other queries.  It is clear he is extremely conscientious, clear that he has an immense pride in his role as an interviewer, has a real insight into people and what drives survey quality.  He is a most excellent interviewer.  Can we clone him please?”

A deserved accolade for a very impressive interviewer.

IQCS Quality Ambassador

The award is going to an individual or team who consistently champion and promote quality standards for data-collection within their organisation.

The Winner is: James Sainsbury, Criteria Fieldwork Limited

James Sainsbury is Criteria Fieldwork‘s Managing Director, and is at the heart of the company’s quest to ensure quality is at the heart of everything they do.

Developing a range of bespoke respondent and data checking and validation processes, James is described as a visionary who combines his love of technology with his passion for market research.

He is said to be constantly looking at ways to harness and improve the company’s technological capability to develop ways to cross reference information to provide added reassurance;  his knowledge encompasses all of our industry’s codes and regulations; and he ensures his colleagues are kept up to date with best practice, encouraging them to discuss developments and how to provide the best service they can.

He is described as the go to person for colleagues, suppliers and clients.

His understanding of GDPR has led to an ISO auditor to saying “I’d actually have no problem recommending him as a GDPR consultant to other companies!  That’s very rare”

And another external assessor says “There is clearly a strong focus on Quality within the agency, coming for the top”

James is a worthy winner of the IQCS Quality Ambassador award

Best IQCS Interviewing Training and Development

The award will go to the organisation demonstrating wholehearted commitment to interviewer-centric training and development with IQCS quality standards and the MRS Code of Conduct underpinning the whole process.

The Winner is: Kudos Research

At Kudos, the nurturing never stops!

The quality and inventiveness of Kudos Research‘s interviewer training and development shines through. The majority of Kudos’ research is amongst senior business people and opinion leaders around the world, and their interviewer training and development practices reflect the challenges this brings and the skills demanded. Enshrining the industry basics of the IQCS, MRS and GDPR, Kudos training encourages interviewers to think about the underlying ethics of our codes, principles and regulations, and about the commercial reasons for professional excellence.  They are also equipped with softer skills such as “gatekeeper seduction” and maintaining a constant state of curiosity. Recognising that different people learn in different ways, a variety of training techniques are used, including interactive role-play and hypothetical game theory scenarios, punctuated with tests and feedback to gauge uptake and show where more support is needed.   Thereafter ongoing monitoring and bespoke developmental training aims to ensure interviewers continue to flourish.

Perhaps this is best described by the interviewers themselves.   In the words of one “I thought the high level market research training was really excellent – the best I have experienced in any market research company I have ever worked in”

IQCS Inspectors Award

This is a new award for 2019 which was judged by our illustrious inspectors. All inspected member companies were eligible and there is no cost to enter this category. The award will went to the IQCS inspected company which, based on the 2018-2019 inspections, the inspectors feel best embodies the true spirit of the IQCS Standards.

The Winner is: B2B International

The very deserving first winners of the Inspector’s Award are B2B International, based in Bramhall. They invest time, thought, effort and money, into systems to put quality at the heart of their data collection process.

It comes first, not an add-on or an afterthought.

The professionalism and commitment of the management team led by Simon Brett is exceptional and it rubs off on the entire staff of the unit.  A great team effort.

IQCS Awards: Highly Commended

Kantar Research

The judges would like to make special mention of Kantar.

The submission “Keep calm…. and travel” describes the annual London Travel Demand Survey for TfL.

A survey Kantar has been conducting every year since 2005, it comprises 18,000 face to face interviews in 8,000 pre-selected households, with interviewing conducted 364 days per year.  Many interviewers have worked on the project from the outset, collecting at least 800 pieces of data in each interview, covering all stages in each participant’s travels.

One interviewer says “We are a loyal team with a unique skill set, constantly updated by working in the field”

Another describes having cycled through a deeper than anticipated puddle on his way to a pre-booked interview, and having the commitment to the project and his participants, not to mention the presence of mind, to replace his now soaking trousers by stopping and shopping at a nearby charity shop so that the interview wouldn’t be lost.

TfL clearly appreciate the diligence and professionalism that Kantar bring to the project, and this successful and long-standing partnership deserves special mention this evening.

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The awards categories for this year are as follows:
  • IQCS Interviewer Excellence – Telephone
  • IQCS Interviewer Excellence – F2F
  • IQCS Fieldwork Excellence – Face to Face or Telephone
  • IQCS Quality Ambassador
  • Best IQCS Interviewing Training and Development
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