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Facts International is one of the UK’s leading field research providers, committed to providing the highest quality market research to businesses and agencies around the world, Facts International’s extensive field research capabilities, are available 24/7 and include face-to-face interviewing, telephone interviewing, online surveys, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and mystery shopping research solutions.

Our 24/7 telephone research capabilities enable us to easily service worldwide research requirements and we regularly work on international projects.

Facts International utilises a wide range of research methods and approaches – either individually or as a blend – to produce a solution that specifically meets the requirements of our customers.

Our size and expertise allows us to bring together the combined knowledge, skills and expertise of our team to deliver excellence in research. But what really sets us apart is our passion for uncovering key insights, delving into the data and delivering actions that make a real difference to our client’s business.

Facts is part of Chime Communications PLC, an international communications and sports marketing group, including CSM Sports & Entertainment, the VCCP Partnership in advertising, the Good Relations Group in public relations, Open Health in healthcare communications and Teamspirit a specialist in financial and professional services.

  • Secondary website: http://www.chimeplc.com
  • Telephone Supervisors: 11
  • Stations with CATI: 200
  • Telephone interviewers: 1,000
  • CATI system used: Confirmit Horizon
  • Face to face interviewers: 1,000
  • Supervisors: 12
  • CAPI trained: 300
  • Mystery shopping assessors: 350
  • Recruiters: 100
  • First Contact Name: Adam Wyles
  • First Contact Title: Field Operations Director
  • First Contact Number: 1,233,637,000
  • Second Contact Name: Kerry Ovenden
  • Second Contact Title: Telephone Operations Director
  • Second Contact Number: 1,233,648,487
  • Third Contact Name: Sharon Greenslade
  • Third Contact Title: Project Director
  • Third Contact Number: 1,233,648,523

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