Kudos Research

Estabished in 1986, Kudos Research offer high value UK and International telephone and online data-collection.

Methodologies encompass CATI, online, mixed-mode, Qual and Quant, B2B and Consumer, Recruitment, In-depth and Executive interviewing – all conducted globally from our Central London offices using experienced native language speakers.

We have a team of 500 highly skilled interviewers who act as excellent ambassadors for you and your client, expertly engaging with your target audience, whether business or consumer.

We achieve excellent response rates with hard to reach respondents such as: C-Suites, Key Decision-Makers, Opinion Leaders, Doctors, Specialists, Key Account Customers & Niche or Mainstream Consumers

Our clients can confidently commission all their research needs from one expert source, working with a partner they can trust to have an in-depth understanding of their organisation and a wholehearted commitment to achieving their aims.

Additional services:

Access to a wealth of sector knowledge, data-collection expertise, broad-ranging creds, case studies and methodological advice

Quant questionnaire advisory service to provide robust semantics and logic checking
All UK and International Telephone research conducted from one central location to facilitate communication and harmonisation of quality across markets

Digital recording of all interviews

Remote client access to survey results in real-time via the web

All from one talented team, passionate about providing quality data-collection

  • Secondary website: www.kudos.health
  • Telephone Supervisors: 20
  • Stations with CATI: 150
  • Telephone interviewers: 500
  • Recruiters and Moderators: 20
  • CATI system used: Nebu
  • First Contact Name: Maxine Coventry
  • First Contact Title: Quality Administrator
  • First Contact Number: 0044 (0) 203 217 2862
  • Second Contact Name: Nadja Krichau
  • Second Contact Title: Bookings Administrator
  • Second Contact Number: 0044 (0) 203 217 2844

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