Kudos Research

Kudos Research and Kudos Health have been providing premium quality international data-collection since 1986

Methodologies include Telephone, CATI, Online, Mixed-Mode, Qual and Quant, B2B and Consumer, Recruitment, In-Depth and Executive interviewing - all conducted using experienced native language speakers.

Our skilled professional interviewers act as excellent ambassadors for you and your client, expertly engaging with your target audience.

We achieve excellent response rates with hard to reach respondents such as C-Suites, Finance Directors, Policy Makers, Opinion Leaders, Valued Customers, Key Decision Makers, Media, Stakeholders, NGOs, HNW Consumers and Healthcare Professionals incl. GPs, Specialists and Nurses, Lab Managers, Payers.

Accredited Standards: IQCS, ISO 20252

We offer:

  • 110 seat CATI unit in client-friendly offices in London.
  • 30 seat CATI unit in trendy Friedrichshain in Berlin.
  • Field-force in Berlin
  • Dedicated fieldwork management to ensure co-ordination of processes, deliverables and progress reporting.
  • Access to a wealth of sector knowledge, data-collection expertise, extensive case studies and methodological advice.
  • Specialist Interviewing Team who are expert at reaching challenging and hard to access audiences.
  • Questionnaire Optimisation Service with robust semantics and logic checking.
  • All research conducted from one central location to facilitate communication and ensure harmonisation of processes and consistent quality across markets.
  • Digital call recording.

All from a talented and creative team of professionals, dedicated to providing you with quality data-collection solutions.

  • Australasia
  • Central/Eastern Europe
  • China
  • Japan
  • Middle East
  • Northern/Western Europe
  • Russia
  • South America
  • UK
  • USA


  • Accountancy
  • Computers – hardware and software
  • Finance/Investment
  • Government/Local Authority
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Politics
  • Retail


  • Internet/Online
  • Desk research
  • Qualitative/moderation
  • Qual Visuals with Screen Sharing and Portals
  • SP & DP
  • Coding
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences Panels
  • CATI Stations: 120 (UK) and 30 (Berlin/Germany)
  • Telephone interviewers: 500 (Uk) and 150 (Berlin/Germany)
  • Locations: 2 (UK, Germany)

Contact Details

Kudos Research
4 Cam Road
E15 2SN

Primary Contact:
Chris Smith
Managing Director
+44 (0)20 3217 2850
[email protected]

Kudos Health:
Volker Balk
Divisional Director
+44 (0)20 3217 2867
[email protected]

Quality Standards:
Maxine Coventry
Quality Standards Manager
+44 (0)20 3217 2862
[email protected]

Staff Recruitment (interviewers):
Nadja Krichau
Bookings & Recruitment Administrator
+44 (0)20 3217 2873
[email protected]

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