MRS/IQCS Guidelines for Interviewer Safety

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The IQCS and MRS have updated Interviewer Health and Safety Guidelines, including steps to be taken in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

There is an increasing awareness in our society that we must all take positive steps to improve our safety and security, within our homes and when we are out and about.

These guidelines have been prepared to help interviewers consider their personal safety whilst interviewing and although almost all of this document is common sense, it can be helpful to be reminded of the benefit of sensible planning and precautions.

In preparing this document, we have referred to guidelines published by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust – a leading authority on personal safety.

Download (PDF, 215KB)

Undertaking Safe Face to Face Data Collection

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MRS Post-Covid-19 Lockdown Guidance:  Undertaking Safe Face to Face Data Collection

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve and now as we enter post-lockdown it is essential that practitioners follow government guidance about social contact and social distancing. The aim of this document is to interpret the current UK government advice into practical guidance for practitioners when undertaking face to face research with participants.

Link to MRS Post-Covid-19 Lockdown Guidance


MRBA: How the MRBA can help during this COVID-19 pandemic

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As Coronavirus is now beginning to hit the market research industry in the UK, we would like to remind employers that the Market Research Benevolent Association is here to help. We are aware that our industry contains a relatively high proportion of casual workers, both face to face and telephone interviewers, who will suffer financially if they cannot work. For people who get into severe financial hardship the MRBA may be able to offer some assistance. We cannot just top up lost earnings, but where there is, for example, a threat of eviction due to the current situation then we may be able to help. We will be aiming to help those most in need. Our usual criterion of at least two years working in market research will continue to apply. For the time being this will be subject to confirmation from employers because we will not always be able to conduct home visits.

If someone finds themselves in this situation then they should email [email protected] to request an application form. They should not call the Helpline, but see the website for the information that we shall be seeking from them and include as much of this as possible in their initial email.